The Situation: Miami is a growing city: startups are moving there not only from other states in the US but also from other countries. The hospitality sector keeps expanding, the investments in infrastructure keep growing and Mayor Suarez's ambitious goal to make Miami the Cryptocurrency "Capital". But while this is an exciting time for Miami,  it lacks the branding major cities have. How can we create a brand for it and bring it into life showing that there's more to Miami than the clichés people have been exposed to? We started our strategy from a quote by Anthony Bourdain: "Miami is the place that we say 'that could never be me'... and then, it is." 

Target Audience: the suggested target audience was very broad: locals and tourists alike without a suggested age range. We decided to focus on the  25-40 yo sector, since this group makes up 63% of Miami and are at the age group where life decisions are made. This group also included the go-getter, young entrepreneurs who moved to Miami, in many cases, from cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York.

The Insight: people enjoy their comfort zones and tend to stick to what they're familiar with. But much like with life, you can only discover yourself if you go beyond the surface. 

Miami is one of the most diverse cities on the planet: another day, another country. But while we can find people from any nationality sharing the city, our research showed that they tend to stay in their "community pockets". Tourists also tend to fall back on visiting the areas they know. And when it comes to the go getters who recently moved to Miami, they're hungry to know what else is there besides what convinced them to make the move. 

The Strategy: create a way to encourage residents and tourists alike to explore the depths of the city by showcasing the complete Miami experience. 

So we created The Miami Experience, A "Phygital" Campaign. One that as a result would encourage more intercity travel, elevate the sense of pride from locals, increase networking among young entrepreneurs-new transplants as well as local movers and shakers-by creating co-working spaces for them to share.  We believe this will establish I AM MIAMI as an international, recognizable brand. 

The app opens up with the question: "what would you like to experience?" It has categorized Miami experiences based in audience, trends and needs. Dan picks "History" and is given a curated selection of historic places in Miami. He checks out Vizcaya. Liking what he sees, he adds it to his plans today. When he gets to Vizcaya, he can check in. Then we look at Dan's profile: each experience gives him perks and rewards and also has his "Experience Status". Dan has recently reached "Miami Status". This gives him an extra special reward: "The Experience Pass". He can get exclusive entry to I AM MIAMI spaces and events. Feeling good about his status, he decides to donate his rewards to charity. He donates to the Miami Climate Alliance.

EXECUTIONS: Shakeyla Shake Turton, Hashim Ali & Maria Diaz Diaz.

We'll encourage and expose tourists to intercity travel right from the airport: starting with branded runways, jetways, connecting gates and food kiosks representing a good selection of the authentic Miami cuisines. We'll also take advantage of international events like the F1 Miami Grand Prix to increase brand recognition. 

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