Client: KFC Spain

Ask: Raise brand awareness in order to compete with other QSR chains in Spain.

The Situation: Small businesses have had a tough time during the pandemic. In Spain, 85,000 restaurants had to close because of the crisis. Meanwhile, 6 in 10 Spaniards have never tried KFC.

Target Audience: 22 to 55 year olds who react positively to brands that have a social initiative. It will also be beneficial to have the segment of this population who are parents to introduce KFC to their children at an early age. 

The Insight: When it comes to food, Spaniards tend to be very attached to their traditional dishes and it's difficult to get them to try something foreign to their cuisine like fried chicken. 

The Strategy: On the first day of each month, KFC restaurants will turn into a local restaurant, adding their specialty as a side for our chicken, combining KFC and Spanish tradition. KFC will give them visibility and they will bring their customers to give fried chicken a first chance.  

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