Client: IKEA Elevate

Ask: Raise awareness of IKEA's new "Elevate" collection and shift brand perception. 

The Situation: COVID 19 has changed the way people think about where they need to live, and it's changed their definition of home. For the ones who left the metropolitan areas for the suburbs, searching for more space, there was now a need to get new, better furniture they were actually happy to have at home. Daily work Zoom calls now meant letting your boss into your home, an unlikely scenario for most employees up until then. During these times, home became the office, the school and the bar for Zoom happy hours. 

Target Audience: 25-44 yo reaching several milestones, newly married couples, first time homeowners and the ones looking to upgrade their furniture. Those who, as they grow up, feel like they've outgrown the brand since they view it as the inexpensive furniture they owned during college years, or the brand they could afford when they moved to their first apartments. They now feel the need for their homes to reflect their personal accomplishments and these new chapters in life. 

The Insight: More milestones are being celebrated from home than ever before.

The Strategy: IKEA "Elevate" is a high quality furniture collection that allows people to create a living space that reflects their life accomplishments. And accomplishments are worth celebrating. 

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