Hello, my name is Carlos Ledesma, and I do Creative Strategy.

My first job was as a car salesman: door-to-door. Another work-life highlights include being a guitar player in a Mariachi band. 

After years working as a Senior Creative Strategist, Content Creator and Content Producer (you can see some of that creative work here), I went to Miami Ad School for Strategic Planning in order to have a better understanding of Strategy as a whole. And now I can confidently say that I know how to work in both worlds: Strategy & Creative.

I'm also a filmmaker, photographer, music composer & actor. My short films have been official selections in numerous international film festivals & my music has appeared on major TV networks. 

Currently Content Creator at INNOCEAN USA. 

If you'd like to check out my resumé, here it is.

So, now that you know my name, tell me yours at hello@mynameiscarlos.com

Some of the brands I've done work for:

Here's some of my strictly Strategy work:

The Ask: launch a new brand for the city of Miami and make people see the brand as their own.

The Challenge: Miami is an iceberg. People are only familiar with the surface.

The Insight: people enjoy their comfort zones and stick to the places that they're familiar with.

The Strategy: create a way to encourage residents and tourists alike to explore the depths of the city by showcasing the complete Miami experience.

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The Ask: position Wild Yonder, an outdoors clothing brand, as the best option when it comes to clothing for outdoor activities. 

The Challenge: there's a 10% premium on WY prices compared to other leading brands. 

The Insight: since the pandemic started, people have been spending more time outdoors. However, they're not spending money. The one group that's growing and is spending more money is hunters-particularly moms

The Strategy: Get moms 28-45 who enjoy spending time outdoors, To consider Wild Yonder as the best quality option for outdoor clothing BY creating a collection for hunting: an outdoor activity that requires quality clothing. 

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The Ask: raise brand awareness in order to compete with other QSR chains in Spain.

The Challenge: 6 in 10 Spaniards have never tried KFC. Fried chicken is not common in Spanish cuisine so there's a good size of the population that won't try it. 

The Insight: younger generations favor brands with social purpose, something KFC has embraced from the very beginning. 

The Strategy: once a month, KFC restaurants will turn into a local restaurant, adding their specialty as a side for our chicken, combining KFC and Spanish tradition. 

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The Ask: raise awareness of "Elevate": IKEA's higher end furniture line. 

The Challenge: most people think of IKEA as cheap furniture made for younger people (i.e. kids going to college). We need to shift their perception in order to reach an older audience and convince them to purchase higher priced pieces at IKEA vs at competitors.

The Insight: more milestones are being celebrated from home than ever before.

The Strategy: IKEA "Elevate" is a high quality furniture collection that allows people to create a living space that reflects their life accomplishments. Accomplishments are worth celebrating. 

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