Client: Wild Yonder

Ask: Position Wild Yonder, an outdoors clothing brand, as the best option when it comes to clothing for outdoor activities. 

A project tackled while at Miami Ad School, my partner strategist and I quickly arrived to the predictable conclusion that yes, due to the pandemic, people were engaging more in outdoor activities like hiking and camping. But when we looked at the amount of money consumers spent on these sectors, we noticed that there wasn't a significant growth in these categories money-wise. The reason being that, when presented with the possibility to go hiking, most people already owned everything they needed: a pair of sneakers, comfortable pants and a t-shirt. However, we did notice that there was a category among outdoor activities that was not only growing in popularity but also bringing good revenue to the brands that specialized in this activity: hunting. After a closer look, we also noticed that, inside this particular sector, there was a specific group that was growing faster than any others: female hunters, particularly mothers who care about the meat they're feeding their families. Moreover, they valued the sense of empowerment this activity was bringing to them. So we were presented with the option to just continue down the "easy" road of hiking and camping or adjust our direction and continue researching the hunting option. Even though neither of us have a favorable view of hunting, we ultimately decided to continue pursuing this field since we couldn't ignore this insight. 

The Situation: With the arrival of the pandemic, people turned to outdoor activities for a bit of a reprieve. According to The NY Times, the increase in parkgoers was upward of 90% over the previous year in some parks. Activities like camping, fishing and hiking saw huge spikes as well.

Target Audience: While the originally suggested target audience was parents between 28 and 45 yo, we proposed to focus specifically on moms in that same age range who enjoy spending time outdoors. Why moms? They're the most coveted consumers in the U.S. market. Their buying power tops $2.4 trillion annually, and they control or influence 85% of all household purchases. 

The Insight: Yes, activities like hiking, camping and fishing have grown considerably. However, we noticed that these groups spend very little money since activities like hiking don't require much equipment. So we asked ourselves, who is actually spending money on outdoor activities? The answer was Hunters. And after further research, we noticed that specifically women were the fastest growing segment of the population who hunt: at the moment, they accounted for 15% of hunters nationwide and that percentage continued to rise, according to Forbes. Moreover, we wondered "why do they hunt?" Turns out a big reason is providing their family with meat that's free of  the 143 pesticides that, according to the FDA, are likely to be found in raw, domestic meat and poultry. Out of this 143 pesticides, 41 are known to cause cancer or are suspected of causing it. Another reason for hunting was the sense of empowerment this activity brought to them. 

The Strategy: Moms belong in the Wild: Wild Yonder creates high quality hunting line for moms. 

Get moms 28-45 who enjoy spending time outdoors 

To consider Wild Yonder as the best quality option for outdoor clothing 

By creating a collection for hunting; an outdoor activity that requires quality clothing. 

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